Goodwin Store

Kenneth Kerwin of P. O. Box 4561, Portland, Maine (149 Congress St.)  donated two photographs to the Lawrence Public Library. One photograph measures 18 by 11 cm. On matte measuring 25 x 20 cm.  It is a sepia print of the H.A. Buell & Co. Grocers and Tea Store located at the corner of Common and Garden Streets (79 Common St.).  The back of the Garden Street Methodist Episcopal Church can be seen at the rear of the building. Buell’s occupied this location from 1873-1887. The business moved to 370 Essex St. from 1887-1897 and then returned to 79 Common St. from 1897 until 1917.  Henry A. Buell had died Dec. 27, 1896.    Charles H. Hartwell and J. Leroy Lamprey were members of the company.

The photograph was produced at F. J. Taylor & Co. copying & landscaping photographers. 405 Main St., Cambridge, Mass.

A second photograph found measures 11 x 10 inches.  It shows a small wood frame building.   This the C.M. Goodwin store at the corner of East Haverhill and Prospect Streets.  It was the “agent for Little Brothers Lunch Biscuits.”

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