Hinckley, Forrest C.

Fire engine Semi-centennial parade 1903 Lawrence, MA

This collection is composed of 13 photographs of Lawrence, Massachusetts and its environs at/or around 1903.  The pictures were photographed, developed, and matted by Forrest Hinckley.  Scenes include the circus, the semi-centennial parade, an automobile race in Lowell, September, 6, 1909, a view of the river, Arlington Mills, an organ factory in Methuen, and the Boston to Manchester train. The entire collection is available to view on the Digital Commonwealth.

Forrest C. Hinckley was born in Essex, Massachusetts October 5, 1891.  Later he would move to Lawrence, Massachusetts and graduate from Lawrence High School.  He married June Turner in 1915. He apprenticed as a typographer at the Lawrence Telegraph.  After many years employed as a linotype operator, he succumbed to lead poisoning and had a slight stroke.  Upon recovery, he became a proofreader for the Lawrence Telegram and the Patterson New Jersey Morning Call.  He was a member of the Loyal Washington Lodge, IOOF, of Lawrence and the Trinity Methodist Church in Clifton, New Jersey.  He retired from the Patterson New Jersey Morning Call in 1933.

Mr. Hinckley’s avocation was photography.  He took pictures with a No. 2A Brownie box camera, developed his own negatives, and printed the prints.  He had taken a number of photos of the Chelsea fire in 1906 as well as scenes in and around Lawrence at the turn of the century.

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  1. It is amazing seeing these old pictures and getting a real example of how this area used to be.

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