Doyle, Lawrence

Flanagan's Tavern

This seventeen page letter is a copy of a typescript document.  It addressed to Kitty.  The header reads “Castel Gondolfo Pope’s Winter Residence Sunday, January 11, 1975.”  It is signed by Larry.

The letter is written to Kitty Flanagan and talks about a chapter of a book that the author of the letter is writing. He refers to the 22nd chapter called “Jim Flanagan’s Tavern for gentry only” then proceeds to talk about the content.  He mentions fellow teachers and principals by name (Lawrence Public Schools),  the location of the tavern-corner of Franklin and Common Streets (it was really at 79 Hampshire St.), and the barkeep, Jim Flanagan. The story progresses to eviction proceedings against the bar and Larry’s attempt to help by eliciting the help of Congressman Brad Morse.  There are descriptions of St. Patrick’s Day Parades and other events in or associated with the bar, the bar associates, and the Flanagan family.

Lawrence A. Doyle and his wife Veronica lived at 320 Ames Street in Lawrence in the 1960s.  He was a temporary teacher at both the Oliver and the Bruce Schools.  He, his wife, and son left Lawrence around 1971.  The events dictated in the letter took place in the late 1960s.

One Response

  1. Mr Doyle was my teacher in grammer school for three years which is unusual to have a teacher for that many years I guess.He was a very unique man and left a huge impact in my life.He always said that he was writing a book and that we were all in it.Please let me know if there is in fact a book in publication and if it can be found anywhere.So
    me of his former students including myself would be very interested

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