Bellevue Cemetery (Lawrence, MA)

This collection consists of two black and white glossy 8×10 photographs.  The first photo shows four tombstones from the Bridgman family: William H. died Nov. 14, 1874, Sarah G, died Oct. 24, 1853, Almira H. died Aug. 13, 1851, and Sophia B. July 13, 1851.  The latter were all wives of W.H. Bridgman.

The Library also has  a four volume index of the graves created by the Betsy Ross Chapter of the DAR that covers the years 1847-1899.

Another collection was added to archives in 2009 including maps and papers that were created by the City Engineers Office.


Bellevue Cemetery was created as a municipal cemetery in 1847 the year the town of Lawrence was incorporated.  It is made up of 100 acres with a separate lot for veterans.

William H. Bridgman was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire in 1812.  He moved to Boston at age twelve and was employed as a clerk.  He moved to the new town of Lawrence in 1847.  He ran a grocery business on the first story of “Bridgeman Hall” which at the time was the only hall in the town.  He later went into the grain and flour business and finally finished in the retail clothing line.  He married four times; the first three were sisters, Sarah, Almira, and Sophie, who all died within a year of each other and all of 37 years of age.  He died April 14, 1874.  His fourth wife, Martha, survived him.

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