School class photos (Lawrence, MA)

This open collection of class photos at present only included photographs from Catholic institutions in the city of Lawrence. Every year schools have individual images taken of students by a photographer. In the case of grade and middle schools the individual images are grouped on a page with the teacher. As the 1970s wore on there was less and less enrollment in Catholic primary and junior high schools. For a period of time several schools (St. Rita’s, Holy Rosary, St. Anne’s, and St. Joseph’s)combined and settled in one building or the other calling themselves the inter parochial schools. St. Mary’s remained the girls’ Catholic High school on the north side of the river until 1978. At present Lawrence has two Catholic High Schools, Notre Dame and Central Catholic, and three grade-middle schools, Our Lady of Good Counsel, St. Patrick’s, and St. Mary’s.

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  1. hello i was in this school in 1998 to 99 and im looking for old friends if anybody know josefina grunon tell her the im looking for her

  2. this is some bad information i was a student during the catholic inter perocial years and the schools involved were St. Mary’s Holy Rosary and St. Laurence St. Rita’s school was closed

  3. I went to St. Anne’s in the 50’s. I have been trying to locate pictures of the elemetary and the high school. Are the buildings still there???

    • Hello Janice, I too was a student at Ste Anne’s back in the 60’s. Yes the grammar school, church and parish hall buildings still stand, but not as Ste Anne any longer.

  4. Hi Anyone from st Pat’s in the 60’s up to 1972?


  6. I’m enjoying reading all the info of my hometown past and present….I went to Sacred
    Heart Grammar and High…..I did lime the nuns I had…..

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