Churches (Lawrence, MA)

Lawrence Street Congregational Church

The library owns a collection of Church ephemera including five volumes  of writings and illustrations made by St. Mary’s Catholic School in honor of the 50th anniversary of arrival of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in Lawrence.  There are also images of churches throughout the libraries collections: postcards, stereo slides, and a small number of images in a separate collection of church pictures.  There is also a separate Grace Episcopal Church collection.

St. Mark's Methodist Episcopal Church

The first (1846) church organized and built in the town of Lawrence was Grace Episcopal.  At one time there were two other Episcopal Churches; St. John’s on Broadway and St. Augustine’s in South Lawrence.  St. John’s has been torn down and St. Augustine’s has been closed.  The First Unitarian Society was organized August 18, 1847.  From 1850 the church was located at the corner of Jackson and Haverhill streets and has since been torn down.  The Church of the Good Shepherd (Universalist) was founded November 15, 1847.  The church building still stands at 199 Haverhill Street.  It is the home a primitive Methodist Church.

Lawrence Street Congregational Church

First Baptist Church

Lawrence was home to a number of Congregationalist communities including the Lawrence Street (now the Iglesia de Dios), Central (167 Haverhill Street), Eliot, South (198 Broadway) and Riverside (209 Water Street).  South and Riverside are still an active Congregational churches.  There were a number of Baptist and Free Baptist churches such as First, Calvary, Second, and the First Free Will Baptist Church.  A composite of these churches remains in the First-Calvary Baptist Church now located in North Andover.  None of the five active Methodist Episcopal churches still exists although all of the buildings are in existence.  The original churches were Garden St., First (on Haverhill St.), Parker St., St. Mark’s (Essex and Margin), and St. Paul’s.  There is still a United Methodist Church on Haverhill Street.  The United Presbyterian Church that was located at 96 East Haverhill St. was originally the German Presbyterian Church.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Irish Catholics would first worship at the Immaculate Conception Church in 1846.  This would become just one church of St. Mary’s parish on the north side of the Merrimack River in Lawrence.  Churches and schools that would be born and blossom over the next several decades, were serviced by the Augustinian bothers, Xaverian Brothers, and the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.  Other churches in the parish were St. Augustine’s, St. Anne’s (French), St. Peter and St. Paul’s (Portuguese), St. John the Baptist, St. Lawrence O’Toole’s, Holy Rosary (Italian), St. Francis of Assisi (Lithuanian), the Church of the Assumption of Mary (German), Holy Trinity (Polish), St. Anthony’s Maronite (Syrian), and St. Joseph’s Melkite (Syrian).  The Lithuanian National Catholic Church took over the building once owned by the Garden St. Methodist Episcopal Church.

On the south side of the river St. Patrick’s and Sacred Heart were conventional catholic churches.  The Immaculate Conception Polish Catholic Church was located in South Lawrence.

Church images included:

  • St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church

    Interior Freewill Baptist Church

  • St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church
  • St. Laurence Roman Catholic Church
  • Holy Rosary Catholic Church
  • Immaculate Conceptions Catholic Church
  • Grace Episcopal Church
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • St. Francis Roman Catholic Church
  • First Baptist Church
  • Second Baptist Church
  • Freewill Baptist Church
  • Eliot Congregational Church
  • South Congregational Church
  • Trinity Congregational Church
  • Lawrence Street Congregational Church
  • Good Shepherd Universalist Church
  • Lawrence Unitarian Church
  • Assumption Roman Catholic Church
  • First Methodist Episcopal Church
  • United Methodist Church

7 Responses

  1. Louise… Some updates to the church info. South Congregational is still active in South Lawrence. St. Augustine Episcopal was closed by the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts on October 29, 2009, and will be sold, most liikely, in the coming year. The United Methodist Church next door to the library , Christ United Methodist, is still active and continues the Methodist presence in Lawrence, along with the offices of the bishop and regional hierarchy for United Methodists that are located on Essex Street. Mary Todd’s husband Jim is a clergy coach for the pastor!

  2. Dear friends of us were married 50 years ago at the Trinity Congrational Church and my husband was their organist. I Would love to email them a picture of the church as they now live out of state. Thank you.

  3. My great Grandfather was pastor of the First U P Church in Lawrence in the 1880s. His name was Robert A. McAyeal. His son, Howard S. was also a minister and changed the spelling of the name to MacAyeal. Do you have any record of this. I have a presentation cane given to my great grandfather dated 1888 and would like to give it to the church. Thanks for any help you can give.

  4. The picture of the Free Will Baptist Church is actually the First Calvary Baptist Church on Pemberton Street, which sadly burned down a number of years ago and has now relocated in a new church in North Andover. The Free Will Baptist Church and combined with First Baptist Church when their churches were destroyed by fire, I believe.

  5. I’m trying to find a picture of my great grandfathers business across the street from St. Patricks Catholic Church. It was called Dillon Machine Company and was on the property that now has a new building on it that is a food bank. Are there any pictures of the church construction that maybe show that corner, Salem and Carver in them? Is there anywhere that you can suggest to me that may show a picture of his business. It was there for 40 years, from about 1890 to around 1930. Thanks. John

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