Packard, Rev. George (1803-1876)

packardThis collection consists of twenty-three receipts starting with December 31, 1827 at the Saco, Maine Post Office for $2.15 and the last dating 1858.  The first thirteen receipts are either post office receipts or property tax receipts from Saco, Maine.  The Salem [NH] Post Office receipt is from Packard’s first year as a Grace Church minister.  Lawrence was not a town yet so Packard must have done his post office business in nearby Salem, NH.  The remainder of the receipts are in the Town or City of Lawrence and are either post office or tax receipts with the exception of number 16 where Packard was using town money to pay for space for a schoolhouse, number 23 when he bought stock in the Lawrence Agricultural Library, and no. 24 when he bought a subscription for the Lawrence Courier.

Dr. George Packard was born in 1803 in Wiscasset, Maine.  He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1821 and practiced as a physician for fifteen years. He was ordained deacon in Richmond, Virginia May 1843 and Priest in Boston, May 1844.  His first parish was Christ Church in Andover.  He became the minister of Grace Episcopal Church April 20, 1846, a year before Lawrence became a town.  He served the church as pastor for thirty years.  He founded the Lawrence Provident Association later known as the Lawrence City Mission (now Family Services of Lawrence).  He served on the School Committee from 1848 to 1852, 1861-1868, 1873-1875.  He was Superintendent of Schools in 1855, 1858-1860.  Dr. Packard died November 30, 1876.

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