Pacific Mills (Lawrence MA)

The library has three collections.  The first collection is composed of two bound volumes.  One is called History of the New Spinning Mill constructed at the Upper Pacific Mills Lawrence, Mass. 1888-9 and the other is called the  History of the Eastweave Shed built at the Upper Pacific Mills 1889-1890.  The 2nd collection includes one broadside, a photo, a salesman’s sample, and 4 handbills concerning timetables and company sick leave policy.  The newly acquired third collection is a tax case of the Pacific Mills against the Assessors of the City of Lawrence.  The material in this collection includes evidence, testimony, and arguments.

timetableThe Pacific Mills was incorporated in 1853 with capital of $1 million.  The original mills and print works were built by the Essex Company, remodeled in 1882, and enlarged and added to over the many years of its operation.  In the latter part of the 19th century it was considered one of the foremost corporations in the world.  Abbot Lawrence, the city’s namesake, was the first president.  The company started as a producer of women’s dress goods in wool and cotton, and included a print house and dye works.  By the 1890s the mills were producing calicos, lawns, shirtings, and a large variety of other products.  By 1895 there were over 200,000 spindles turning.

2 Responses

  1. my grandfather, and my father work at them mills its nice that is on the net, the history of Lawrence gos way back,

  2. My grandmother Eleanor Galvin Zimmerman Silke worked in those mills for many years. Long hours! The textile fibers were the death of her. At age 55 /56 she died of lung cancer.

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