Munroe Paper Co. (Lawrence, MA)

munroeThe 3 linear feet of this collection is composed of employee records, specifications, and financial records.

James S. Munroe started a paper manufacturing company in Lawrence, Mass. around 1868.  It was incorporated in 1881 as the Munroe Felt and Paper Company.  The plant was located at 6 South Canal Street Lawrence.  The offices were located at 79 Summer Street in Boston.  The Munroe family lived in Lexington.  In 1910 James S. Munroe died and the presidency went to his son, James P. Munroe.  It was known for manufacturing parcel post Kraft and a wide variety of industrial paper products.  In 1940 it was called Munroe Paper Corporation (Vincent R. Hann, Pres.).  By 1950 the company is no longer in the Lawrence city directory.  Lindenmeyer Paper Corporation one of the leading independent fine paper merchants in the United States, is acquired by Central National-Gottesman (1984) and subsequently acquired D.F. Munroe Company (1988). The combination of these businesses with Lindenmeyr Paper and D.F. Munroe under the firm’s Lindenmeyr Division created one of the largest independent fine paper merchants in the U.S.  

The Merrimac Paper Company started in 1866.  The two mills were located next to each other  on the south canal in Lawrence.  The Lawrence plant closed its doors in 2005.

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