Imagining history: Northeast Massachusetts Digital Library (Lawrence, MA)

boarding house“The CD-R discs in this box pertain to a federally funded Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant for the Northeast Massachusetts Regional Library System (NMRLS) for Federal fiscal year 2004-2005.  A set of CD-R discs was created for each of the eight participating libraries and contain the original digital scans in TIFF and JPEG formats, as well as metadata in Microsoft Excel format.  All eight participants received 1 set of CD-R discs for their collection.  NMRLS also received a set of discs for each participant”.

This collection consists of 37 CD-R discs.  A disc in a clear jewel case contains documents in word and excel concerning the grant.  Disc number 1 contains the index for the contents of the rest.  Collections included are: NRA Parade (2000.3), Father O’Reilly Jubilee parade (2001.12), Lawrence, Mass. Streetscapes (2001.11), God and Country Parade 1962 (2000.5), Lawrence, Mass. Textile strike 1912 broadsides (2003.5), Independence Day parade 1942 (2003.21), and the Spanish American War (2001.2).  The images are available on the NMRLS website at the Digital Commonwealth.

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