Money Saving Club (Lawrence, MA)

The Library owns one handbill and a printed list of affiliated tradesmen.

moneyThe object of the Lawrence Money Saving Club was “to advance by all proper means the comfort and pecuniary interests of the citizens of Lawrence, North and South Andover, Ballardvale and Methuen, who may become members of this club.”   The organization was made up of 30 reliable merchants in Lawrence, purveyors of various types of merchandise, who would offer their goods to club members at discounts of 5 to 20 percent.  The customer would patronize exclusively the merchants who were listed as club members.  The businesses were chosen for their integrity and the customers were eligible only if they evinced good moral character.  The discount can only be claimed if the customer pays with cash.  The customer was to present his ticket of membership and the merchant would grant him the discount.  Membership cost 50c for one year.  G. Fred Osgood was manager of the club.  Tickets could be purchased at 140 Essex Street and the Post office News stand.

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