Drum & Bugle Corps (Lawrence, MA)

drumThis collection is composed of a program with notes and an additional sheet of paper from a spiral notebook also filled with notes.  The program (21×28 cm) has a light green cover which reads on the front: “Paragon of drum corps second annual pageant of champions junior drum & bugle competition sponsored by Lawrence Drum & Bugle Corps New Lawrence Post #375 – American Legion Sunday afternoon, 2 p. m. September 5, 1954 Lawrence Memorial Stadium 25c.”  The interior page is white and the front side lists the participating bands; the scores and ratings are written in by hand.  The accompanying notebook page gives more notes on the performances.  Participating bands were:

  • Holy Name Cadets, Garfield, NJ
  • Immaculate Conception, Winchester-Woburn, MA
  • St. Joseph’s Cadets, Newark, NJ
  • St. Anne’s Cadets, Fairlawn, NJ
  • St. Mary’s “Cardinals”, Beverly, MA
  • St. Thomas More Cadets, Braintree, MA
  • St. Vincent’s Cadets, Bayonne, NJ
  • St. Mary’s Cadets, Nutley, NJ
  • St. Aloysuis (sp) Cadets, Indian Orchard, MA

Three other bands were on the program, but did not attend (Braintree Warriors, Braintree, MA, Most Precious Blood Crusaders, Hyde Park, MA and Blessed Sacrament Cadets, Newark, NJ)

7 Responses

  1. Hi Louise,

    Ste Anne parish also had the Ste Anne Drum & Bugle Corps that participated in the parades etc. The used to practice in the school yard. My brother was a member and I have a photo of him in his uniform.

    Great information you are sharing. Thank you. We grew up in Lawrence and now live in Methuen.

  2. PS…I just remembered they were called the Crusaders

  3. Trying to get color photos of St Joseph’s cadets drum and bugle corps
    of Newark Ironbound NJ 1958-1960 pls if have can you
    email me cjsykes78@yahoo.com

    Thanks you
    Clifford Sykes

  4. Fantastic information. The Lawrence Chieftains Drum & Bugle
    Corps (formerly Pontiac ) were a fixture in Lawrence for many
    years. They won the Eastern Mass Championship in
    1959, marched in most Lawrence Parades, and surrounding cities, and competed in many States. Thank you, Louise, for the
    opportunity to talk about them.

    • Yes!! Remeber them well and at the time I was in the White Eagles in Lawrence also!! Many good memories!!! 🙂

  5. Please see if have any information or pictures/videos of
    St. Joseph’s cadets drum and bugle corp of Ironbound
    Newark, NJ years 1956-1958 bristol, Pa contest

  6. I lived next door to the The Chieftans Bugle Corps meeting place for practice, I wonder if any one has any pictures I just posted some of my now sister in-law who knew back then I would marry her brother her name was Ann Traficante, now Reardon it would be great to see some of the photos.

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