National Recovery Act Parade 1933 (Lawrence, MA)


Pacific Mill Rayon Division

This collection is composed of 248 black and white photographs of the NRA Parade in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  There are one 8×10 and twenty 5x7s.  The remainder of the collection is comprised of irregular sized snapshots.

On October 12, 1933 thirty thousand individuals marched in a parade in support of President Franklin Roosevelt’s National Recovery Act.  The Lawrence Recovery Board’s purpose was to demonstrate that Lawrence was cooperating fully in the NRA plan.  The estimate of spectators at the event was 100,000.  Churches, civic groups, veterans’ organizations, and local businesses and industries provided floats, bands, and drum and bugle corps starting in the Arlington district at ten o’clock in the morning.  Five hours later the final entry passed through the intersection of Haverhill and Lawrence Streets.  The parade was also called the Blue Eagle Pageant.

The picture to the left is the Pacific Mills Rayon Division.  The hats sticking out of the fabric spell out “NRA”. Images of this parade are available on the Digital Commonwealth.

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