Vogt family (Lawrence, MA)

vogtfamilyVogt family The Library owns one photograph of the Vogt family which was donated by Elinor Vogt Tripp. Family members shown are: Edward G. Vogt, Alfred Vogt, Adolph Vogt (father), Harry Vogt, Bianca Vogt (mother), Helen Vogt (married name Bowden), and Elsie Vogt (married name St. Linger).

Adolph and Bianca (Zindler) Vogt were born in Germany in the middle of the 19th century. They immigrated to the United States and married in Lawrence in 1874. Adolph was a weaver in the mills. His children and grandchildren also worked in the mills. Adolph built a house at 48 Woodland Street on Prospect Hill for $900 where he raised a family of 5 children: Helen(1875), Alfred (1878), Harry (1885), Elsie (1887), and Edward (1895). Edward married Frieda (Eichner) and they moved into the family home where they raised three daughters. Edward died in 1965. His middle daughter, Elinor, bought the house and lived there after her marriage. The house was sold outside of the family in the 1980s.

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