School Committee 1921 (Lawrence, MA)

schoolcommThe photograph described here was taken December 8, 1921.  It is of the School Committee (Lawrence, Mass.) of that year and includes Walter J. Rochefort, Irving W. Sargent, Thomas F. Greene, William P. White (Mayor, chairman, ex-officio), Bernard M. Sheridan, and Mrs. Anna M. Driscoll.  Mrs. Driscoll was the first woman elected to office in Lawrence.  She served form 1920-1923.  The next woman elected was in 1928.  The Library also owns bound copies of the the school committee reports from 1847 to the 1970s.

Anna Mulholland was born in Lawrence in 1881.  She graduated from St. Mary’s High School, Class of 1898, and then Simmons College.  She was a teacher at Lawrence High School where she organized and ran the Commercial Department.  She later married  William J. Driscoll, a civil engineer, and lived at 393 Hampshire Street.  She was the first woman elected to office in Lawrence, Massachusetts as a School Committee member in 1920.   She served two terms.   She died Oct. 1, 1942.

Recently scanned and available to the public are the School Committee annual reports.

2 Responses

  1. Where can I find a yearbook of 2006 from LHS?

    • The only way you can get an LHS yearbook from me is to copy the one in the collection. We can potentially digitally scan it also.

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