Hedge, Frederic H., Jr.(1831-1918)

hedgeFrederic H. Hedge, Jr. was born June 30, 1831, in West Cambridge, Massachusetts in what is now the town of Arlington.  His parents were the Rev. Frederic Henry and Lucy (Pierce) Hedge.  Frederic senior was a well-respected Unitarian minister and German scholar who was a professor at Harvard College.  His mother was the daughter of the Rev. John Pierce who was the minister of the first parish Unitarian church of Brookline for sixty years.

Frederic Hedge Jr. graduated from Harvard College in 1861.  He was the next to the last survivor of that class and led the alumni procession for the years 1916 and 1917.  After graduating with a bachelor’s degree Mr. Hedge became the assistant librarian for the Providence Public Library for fourteen years.  During that time he also enlisted in the tenth Rhode Island Infantry.  He was later employed as an assistant librarian at the Massachusetts Historical Society.  He became the director of the Lawrence Public Library in 1874 where he was very involved in activities of the city.  He retired in 1901 and moved in with his sister in Brookline.

Mr. Hedge never married.  He kept himself active during his later years in a variety of scientific and library related organizations.  He died November 16, 1918 at the age 87.

Mr. Hedge started a series of scrapbooks that were used by the reference department at the LPL.  These 14 volumes were continued after he left the library and contained poems of all topics, baseball, Harvard University, bicycling, Lawrence Public Library, and elections.

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