Newspapers (Lawrence, MA)

3510069The LPL Special Collections has sixty-three titles of newspapers which range from conventional English language dailies to foreign language bi-weeklies.  Lawrence citizens published papers in French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Arabic, and Spanish.  There were many alternative papers over the years.  There is one copy of a boarding house paper; an operatives paper; and a slick paper cultural activities newspaper.  In some cases there is only one issue of a paper (and in two cases knowledge of the newspaper without any copies remaining) and in others the entire run of the newspaper is available on microfilm.

Alumnus (LHS alumni)
American register
Andover advertiser
Anzeiger und post
Arnold Sullivan’s town magazine
Bee, the
Boarding house news
Comercio, El (Spanish)
Courrier (French)
Courrier de Lawrence (French)
Daily Journal and Courier
Difesa, La (Italian)
Emerald (St. Patrick’s Day)
Essex County sentinel
Essex Eagle
Evening Tribune
Garland (Methuen)
Al-Ikbal (Arabic)
Iris (Methuen)
Journal and courier
Journal of fine art
Lawrence American
Lawrence courier
Lawrence daily American
Lawrence daily eagle
Lawrence daily journal
Drapeau, Le (French)
Lawrence journal
Lawrence journal
Lawrence leader
Lawrence morning news
Lawrence news
Lawrence sentinel
Lawrence sun
Lawrence sun American
Lawrence Sunday news
Lawrence Sunday sun
Lawrence telegram
Lawrence Weekly American
Lawrence weekly item
Lawrence weekly journal
Merrimack courier
Merrimack valley progressive
Methuen falls
Morning times
New England Catholic herald (Irish)
Progres, le (French)
Risveglio, Il (Italian)
Rumbo (Spanish)
Saturday evening star
Siglo 21 (Spanish)
Sunday register (Irish Catholic)
Sunday star
Sunday telegram
Today in Greater Lawrence
Tri-weekly American
Wafa, Al (Arabic)
Woman’s bulletin (YWCA)
Yarn and cloth

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