Wolcott, Rev. Mr. William Edgar (1852-1911)

wolcottThis collection consists of correspondence that appears to be from various individuals invited to the 40th anniversary of the Lawrence Street Congregational Church in 1887.  Much of the material concerns activities in the church including various lists of church members one on index cards and a list of YPSLC (Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor) members, instructions for the installation of officers in a women’s bible organization called Delpha Alpha and a variety of sermons (or partial sermons) written in Wolcott’s hand.  Church programs and other printed church ephemera cover the years from 1904 to 1911.  There is one marriage certificate at which the Reverend officiated.  Originally there were multiple copies of 2 pamphlets self-published by Wolcott concerning the proposed 1908 merger of Andover Theological Seminary and Harvard Divinity School.  Copies of these have been cataloged, but additional copies ere left here in the collection.  Finally a handbill with the list of paintings given by the late Reverend William E. Wolcott, for public exhibition is included.  No location or date is listed.  These paintings would become the White Fund paintings.

The Rev. Mr. William Edgar Wolcott was born in Belchertown, Mass. in 1852 son of Dr. Samuel Wolcott.  He attended Oberlin College and later Andover Theological Seminary in 1881.  He took the pastorate of the Riverside Congregational Church for 3 years and then became the pastor of the Lawrence Street Congregational Church until his death May 12, 1911.  During his lifetime he owned 17 paintings that were willed to the White Fund with the intent to provide a suitable gallery in Lawrence for the local appreciation of these paintings.

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