Spanish American War (Lawrence, MA)

3510042There are 8 black and white photos that show the Lawrence soldiers going off to war.  Raymond L. Buchan and John C. Smith are in some of the pictures.

Company F of the Ninth and Company L of the Eighth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Militia represented the City of Lawrence in the conflict.  On May 4, 1898, Company F left of the State Campgrounds at South Framingham, Mass.  Company L followed the next day.  Both companies were mustered May 4th. Company L went to Chicamauga, Georgia and F to Camp Alger, Dunn Loring, Virginia.  The Ninth would witness the surrender of Santiago.  In January of 1899, the Eighth regiment would furnish provost duty in Matanzas, Cuba.  The only Lawrence man to die from his wounds was William H. Boardman, a naval cadet, who was wounded off Cape San Juan, Puerto Rico on his ship the USS Amphitrite, August 10, 1898.  He was buried at sea.

Much later a monument was dedicated to the men from Lawrence who fought in this conflict. It is located on the Campagnone Common.


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  1. Raymond L. Buchan is my mother’s great uncle. I remember visiting him in the nursing home when I was a small child. I believe that he was the last surviving soldier from the S-A war in Massachusetts (or at least that is what his obituary claimed). If you have pictures of him as a young man, we would love to have copies.

    • Just those Spanish American War Pictures.

      • I am doing genealogy research on my Grandfather who enlisted in Company F of the 9th Mass.; he was Patrick J. Burns. I would be interested to view those eight photos in the library collection. Is it possible?

      • Yes, my email is on the blog. Just contact me.

  2. Raymond Buchan was my Great Uncle. Are these images available in a larger format?

    • The originals are here in the Library. If you want better copies go through my email on the main page of the blog.
      Louise Sandberg

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