Lawrence State Armory

3510025There are two scrapbooks in this collection that cover from 1892-1912.

State Armories were constructed under an Act of the Massachusetts State Legislature, approved may 18, 1888.  They were nine in number.  Previous to this statute the officers of local militias would find suitable building large enough and pay the rents from the local militia monies.  The site for the Lawrence Armory on Amesbury Street, between Essex and Methuen Streets, was selected January 25, 1892 and completed the February of 1893.  It was a large brick structure (67 x 187 feet) and was used to house local units of the State Militia.  The building contained officers’ and company rooms, drill and gun sheds, a shooting gallery, mess hall, and other accommodations.  It was initially occupied by Battery C of Major A. N. Duchesney’s First battalion of Light Infantry, commanded by Captain Wm. N. Steadman.  This regiment occupied the lower floor along with four steel ten-pounder rifled guns and a Gatling gun.  The 2nd floor housed the officers and company quarters and store rooms of Company F, Ninth Regiment, known as the Lawrence Light Infantry, commanded by Joseph H. Joubert.  Opposite were the rank and file and commissioned officers of Company L Eighth Regiment, led by Captain James. M. Forbes.  Both regiments served in the Spanish American War.  The building came down in the 1960s during Urban Renewal.

In 1913 an annex to the Lawrence Armory was built for the battery on Lowell Road in Methuen.  Also of brick it included assembly, company and officer’s rooms, gun shed and stables, plus an extensive drill field.  The annex was established for outdoor drilling and was first of its kind in the state.

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  1. It’s very sad that many of Lawrence’s architectural gems are long gone, all thanks to the urban renewal.

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  3. […] have taken place.  Lawrence General Hospital is the only remaining hospital in Lawrence.  The State Armory was located on Methuen Street and served as the home of the National Guard in Lawrence.  It was […]

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