National History Day

litterioMaterials relating to Lisa Litterio’s entry in the 1999-2000 National History Day contest relating to the Bread and Roses Strike of 1912 in Lawrence, Mass., a defining moment in U.S. history, for which she finished with a first place in the national contest as best project in labor history. Includes index cards (2 boxes), 129 slides, video of the competition, correspondence, and other documents. Includes correspondence from Rep. Edward J, Markey and staff members at George Meany Memorial Archives and the National History Day organization as well as thank you letter to Louise Sandberg, archivist, Lawrence Public Library and letter from Patricia A. Dowling, mayor, Lawrence, Mass., written to Sandberg with additional information concerning the competition.

One Response

  1. Hi Louise!

    So great bumping into you at MB the other day. I love the Queen City MA site you developed. I forwarded the info to Liusa. I know she will be excited to see this and want to respond to your blog.

    You are an amazing person and I found out we have mutual friends: Leana Vrenangr and her MOM. He mom volunteered in my classroom years ago! Take care. Eileen

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