United Textile Workers of America, Local 1113

utwaThis collection is composed of papers created by local union 1113 UTWA.  Much of the material consists of agreements, constitution and by-laws, correspondence, press releases, memos, grievance data, contract negotiations, negotiations committee notes, ballots, and job classifications as part of the regular working records of the union.  Also included are a 1947 printed guidebook for employees, company memos, and a 1951 letter in employees.   One issue of the UTWA Textile Challenger (1951) is stored in an oversize box.  Finally a collection of photographs that came with the collection portrays members in various official and social events.

The United Textile Workers of America (UTWA) was chartered in 1901 and became the founding union of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (IO) in 1937.  As part of the CIO, the UTWA was renamed the Textile Workers Organizing Committee (TWOC) of the Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA).  In 1939, a dissident faction of the TWUA sought for and was allowed to re-affiliate with the American Federation of Labor (AFL) under its original name-the United Textile Workers of America.

Local 1113 union of the Arlington and Monomac Mills was part of the Woolen Worsted Workers of the United Textile Workers of America (AFL) and performed the collective bargaining for the operative at those mills from the 1930s through the early 1950s.  There was continual confrontation between the TWUA AFL and the TWOC CIO among the operatives of the Lawrence textile industry of that period.

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