Pythias, Knights of, Lawrence Lodge #162 & 32 (Lawrence, MA)

_MCA6967This collection is composed of an account book, which includes a number of enclosures.  The minutes run from April 23, 1929 to January 26, 1947.   There is also a certificate that Arthur Greenwald was initiated as a page in Lawrence Lodge no. 32 March 10,, 1913, an esquire March 24, 1913 and a knight May 5, 1913.  The certificate is colorfully illustrated with scenes from the Bible and images exemplifying the brotherhood.

The Knights of Pythias began in 1864 in Washington, D.C. as a secret society for government clerks.  Admissions and goals broadened over the years to a fraternal organization with service aspects in the United States and Canada.  The name Pythias is a misreading of the name Phintias and the two friends of 4th century Syracuse, Damon and Phintias, exemplify unselfish friendship.

Lawrence Lodge #162 was founded in January of 1907.  At the time of the minutes they were meeting in what they called “Castle Hall” which was called in the city directory Home Club Hall in the Oswald Building, 278 Essex Street.  Quindaro Lodge, no. 32 was established April 4, 1870 and met at St. George Hall, 234 Essex St.  Other Pythian lodges in Lawrence include Black Prince, Essex, William B. Gale, and Uniform Rank Silverstone Co.  There were two lodges for Pythian sisters: Calanthe Temple and S. Louise Gale Temple and 2 colored (African American) lodges: William Lloyd Garrison and Merrimack Valley Court of Calanthe.

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