Lawrence Riding Park (Lawrence, MA)

The one item in this collection is a letter including an envelope. The envelope has a printed logo (a horse with the name of the association beneath) in the upper left corner. It is address to Henry J. Gosell, Williamstown, VT and has a 2-cent stamp in the upper right corner. The envelope is franked in Lawrence, Mass. May 6, 7:00 AM 1886.

The letter is one piece of lined letterhead paper, Office of the Secretary. The secretary, C. E. Mosher, mentions the fact that there were 68 entries for their next meeting. He also encourages Mr. Gossell to come as soon as possible because he needs him.

The Lawrence Riding Park was located in south Lawrence where the Veterans Memorial Stadium is located today. The 20-acre site, a riding or driving park with a private racetrack, was built when South Lawrence was undeveloped. The association booked and ran events at the park.

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  1. Louise… the house at 176 Osgood Street Lawrence was moved from the riding park to its present location.. my dad grew up in the house and said the jockeys used to live in the attic area it has been broken up into “rooms” made with chicken wire and stuffed with newspapers.. I’ve been looking for info on the park but havent had much luck.

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