Columbus sighting America (Lawrence, Mass.)

columbusTwo tapestries depicting Columbus Sighting America were gifts to the LPL.  One was given to the Lawrence Public Library March 13, 1967 by Lithuanian Citizens’ Club.  It is taken from a painting by Herman Freihold Pluddeman located in the National Gallery of Berlin in Germany.  The loom used to make the tapestry was an ordinary power loom with a Jacquard attachment.  The one on display in the lobby of the Lawrence Public Library is very large and made of wool.  The second was given to the Lawrence Public Library July 18, 2008 by Katharine Lawrence, a descendant of the Lawrence family.  It is one of a number of small silk tapestries produced.  This framed silk textile (35×49 cm.) was in an oak frame measuring 55 x 72 cm.  A smaller tapestry just showing the Head of Columbus is on display in the Local History Room.

4 Responses

  1. Last sentence of Columbus tapestry mentions OTHER small silk taperstries, presumably produced by the Arlington Mills around the turn of the century. Are there any others in the Lawrence Library, or would you have a catalog (photos) of other scenes portrayed on such small slik tapestries ?
    fyi: I’m a retired Mill Fabric Designer, LTI ’56

  2. We have one of these small silk samples and have not been very succesfull in finding very much information about it. Does anyone know what they might be worth, or how many of them were made?

  3. I, too, have a small sample of Columbus’ head. About 3 x 4 inches, matted. Unable to find out much information on this sample size.

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