Lawrence Board of Trade

tradeThe library owns Board of Trade annual reports from 1888 to 1907, a collection of ephemera, and a series of posters published by the Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce.

The Lawrence Board of Trade, organized in 1888, encouraged various physical improvements to the city and worked to bring in new businesses.  It also offered social activities to its members and their families. “It is non-sectarian and non-political and welcomes to its rolls and membership, men of all creeds, nationalities and political beliefs.  The only test of membership, aside from the trifling annual fee, is that the applicant will attend the meetings and work for the growth and progress of the ‘Queen City of the Merrimack’.” (Annual report 1899)

The Lawrence Board of Trade is the predecessor of the Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and later the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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