Jennings Family

asaThe library owns images of the family including tintypes, daguerreotypes, one carte d’visite, one cabinet card, 4 snapshots, 5 stereo views, and 4 photo albums.  The rest of the material is hand written manuscripts, written by the donor, giving a brief history of the family and listing the names of the people in the photographs.  There is also a photographs of the family homestead which was located on Jennings Street on Tower Hill in what was once Methuen.

The primogenitures of this family are Jonathan Barker Jennings (10/20/1781-8/10/1876) of Methuen, MA and his wife, Priscilla Austin (d. 9/18/1878).  The earlier history of this branch of Jennings family can be found in a manuscript by Robert J. Reich called “The Jennings Family of the Merrimack Valley.”   Jonathan was a fourth generation American.  His great grandfather Stephen Jennings lived in Hatfield, MA in the mid 17th century. 

Jonathan and Priscilla married Sept. 25, 1810 and lived in a house on Tower Hill in Methuen (now part of Lawrence) at the end of what is now Jennings St. The house faced south and was the same type of house as the Miles Standish House in Duxbury, Mass.  Jonathan took his bride to this house in 1810.  Both were buried in the Lawrence St Cemetery in Methuen. They had nine children: Rhoda (married Ebenezer Barker), Elijah (married Eliza Hardey), Matilda (married Asa B. Barker), Fidelia Endicott (married Benjamin Weeks), Roxana Austin (married Eliphaz B. Chapman), Abigail (married Levi Weeks), Aaron, Lucinda B., and Joseph L.

Most of the individuals pictured in these photographs lived in Methuen and Lawrence during the 19the century and early 20th.  As the donor states in her accompanying manuscript “They were good citizens and faithful workers in the mills and other industries of Lawrence.  Their descendants are now widely scattered…”  Other last names that play heavily in this family genealogy are Barker, Austin, Fifield, and Weeks. 

Rhoda and Ebenezer Barker had two children: Priscilla Jane (married Benjamin Franklin Hamilton) and Olive Miranda (married Jonathan Sanborn Johnson).  Benjamin Franklin Hamilton (known as Frank) was an overseer in the Atlantic Mills and Priscilla was a professional buttonhole maker.  They were members of the Garden St, ME church, later the 1st Methodist Church, and are buried at Bellevue Cemetery.  They lived in one of the Corporation houses facing Essex St.

Asa Bodwell Barker who married Matilda was killed in the Civil War at Spottsylvania, VA, May 19, 1864.  Benjamin Weeks, who married Fidelia, was a blacksmith in Lawrence.

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