Independence Day

3510043These two collections consist of photographs from the 1942 parade and programs and ephemera from earlier celebrations.

Independence Day was a big event for the city for nearly every year from the first celebration in 1848.  By the 1880s programs were printed by local merchants and used as advertising.  The days would start with the city’s churches ringing their bells at sunrise.  The children would have separate entertainment in the parks and in City Hall.  There were often competitions like three-legged and fat men’s races and athletic events like regattas and baseball games.  There was always a parade ending in fireworks on the Common.

The photographs of this collection commemorate the Independence Day parade of 1942 in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  Mayor James P. Meehan was the chairman of the celebration.  Others on the reviewing stand were Alderman and directory of Public Safety, James C. Reardon, Jr., Alderman and Director of Public Health and Charities, Timothy C. Shine, Alderman and Director of Engineering, John W. McCarthy, Alderman and Director of Public Property and Parks, Cornelius J. Roche, John A. O’Hearn, Executive Chairman, and Judge John E. Fenton, Chief Marshall.

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