Good Government Association

goodgovernmentThis collection consists of one envelope addressed to the Good Government Association at 240 Essex Street, Saunders Block, [Lawrence], 2 printed forms to propose new members, a 2-page mailing (including a declaration of principles) Nov. 15, 1897, a printed notice of a meeting to be held April 1, 1898, and a printed address to the voters of the city (nd).  

The journal Practical politics: a journal of American statecraft was a product of this movement and some volumes of it are available in the local history collection of the Lawrence Public Library.

The Good Government Association (GGA), 1900-1936, was created to ‘arouse in the citizens of Boston a sense of political duty and aid the voters in a practical way to secure the election of aggressively honest and capable men.’ Records include reports made about prospective politicians such as James Curley, Calvin Coolidge, Martin Lomasney, Patrick Collins, and John Fitzgerald.

The Good Government Association of Lawrence was created in 1897 for the purpose of “preventing municipal bankruptcy and redeeming the reputation of the city, by the election of competent candidates for [sic] several offices.” The organization was quartered in the Saunders Block, 240 Essex Street.  The GGA endorsed James H. Eaton for Mayor that year and were successful in getting him elected.

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