Storrow, Charles (1809-1904)

storrowThis collection consists of one bound volume which contains Lawrence Financial affairs reports from 1849, 1850, 1851, 1852, 1853; School Committee reports 1847-48, 1848-49, 1849-50, 1850-51, 1851-52, 1852-53; Lawrence Directory 1853-54; Municipal Register 1853; one page of newspaper clippings (1853); Hand-written messages to the City Council and the city of Lawrence May 19, 1853, October 24, 1853, October 31, 1853.

Charles Storer Storrow was born in Montreal March 25, 1809.  His father was a merchant from Boston who moved his business to Paris, France in 1818 consequently Charles attended private school in Paris until 1824.  He returned to the US to prepare for Harvard where he would graduate in 1929.  He apprenticed himself to Loammi Baldwin to become a civil engineer.  He later entered Ecole des Pontes et Chausses in Paris until 1831.  When he returned to Boston in 1832 he joined the engineering corps of Boston & Lowell Railroad. On May 27, 1835 he had charge of the 1st train to travel over the road.  He was appointed manager of the line until he resigned to become chief engineer and agent of the Essex Company in 1845.  The Essex Company had been instituted in 1844 to develop the water power at Bodwell’s Falls on the Merrimack River just 12 miles down river from Lowell.  This enterprise would become Lawrence.  Storrow designed the dam and supervised its construction, planned and laid out the streets of the new community, and built several of the mills.  He served the Essex Company in many different capacities over the years and the 1st mayor of Lawrence in 1853.  Later he would remove to Boston and continue his career as an engineer.  Storrow died in Boston April 30, 1904.

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