Badger & Nash Grocers Account book

badgerAccording to the 1852-53 directory of the City of Lawrence, Charles A. Badger was employed as a clerk at the Essex Company and Simeon C. Nash was also a clerk but at the Norcross Mill at the time the directory was published.  The next directory came out in 1855.  At that time Badger and Nash were listed as grocers at no. 14 Merchants Row.  The business also had a half page advertisement in the directory: “Badger & Nash dealer in W[est] I[ndian] goods, crockery and glass ware, teas, spices, foreign fruits, fish,  flour, meal, pork, butter, cheese, lard, and all kinds of domestic merchandise, low for cash. Goods delivered in any part of the city. No. 14 Merchants Row, Lawrence, Ms. Cash. A Badger, Simeon C. Nash”.

In the next directory, 1857, the business of Badger & Nash was no longer listed.  Charles Nash was employed as a clerk at the Post Office.  Simeon Badger had opened a boarding house at 409 Common St.  By 1859 Mr. Nash was no longer living in the city and Mr. Badger was still running a boarding house.

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