AOH Library

The AOH collection includes books, serials, videos, CDs, and other materials housed in the lower level of the South Lawrence Branch of the LPL.aoh1

The Ancient Order of Hibernians claim descendancy from early pre-Christian Ireland. These early military orders required of their members good moral character, perfect physical health, uncorrupted lineage, and to be able to pass a severe test of body and mind.  The modern rebirth of the order is said to have started with Rory Oge O’Moore in 1565 in order to protect Catholics from the injustices of the Penal Code.  In 1836 the first Ancient Order of Hibernians was founded in New York City and in Boston in 1857.   No exact date can be given for the founding of the Lawrence lodge, but it appears to have been sometime in the late 1860s.  The publication The Emerald lists the date as 1872.  A Ladies Auxiliary was organized in May of 1904.  The Ladies Auxiliary’s motto is ”Friendship, Unity, and true Christian Charity” with the purpose of aiding the young Irish immigrant girls.  Hibernian Hall was erected on the corner of White and Oak Streets in 1887.  The official name of the Lawrence chapter is the Father James T. O’Reilly Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 8.  It is named after long time pastor of St. Mary’s Church, James T. O’Reilly.

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