Earle, Alfred I. (1864-1938) musical score


earleIn a bound portfolio (32×26 cm.) are 2 hand-written scores with words: O don’t you remember (sweet safety my dear) and O say can you see by the temple safe chair.  The name A.I. Earle is written in pencil in the upper right corner. Each song is two pages in length.  The outside of the portfolio is printed and reads “Miss Safety’s melody and the classics of safety first songs.”  There is a woman in an apron standing next to a chair.  She is “The Goddess of safety is the twin of the goddess of liberty.  It is a crime against the commonwealth to forget; forgetting costs money and sometimes lives.”  Her apron reads, “Doctor Button specialist accidents total wrecks don’t forget are you right safety harmony caution thoughtfulness energy ambition efforts perseverance.”  A seal next to her reads “ the Hon. Grand Order of the Button are you right.”   The chair reads “The temple of safety; the throne of safety.”  There is copyright on the stairs of 1923.  The stairs read “ A place to think thoughts of safety, the chair of knowledge and safety words from honorable grand order of the button are you right and safety first booklet. The greatest thought power in the world.  All piano rolls and phonograph records – rights reserved.”

There are also 3 sheets of music 34×28 cm. also written by Earle.  The titles are Come to the temple of safety chair and We will meet, but we’ll not miss him.

Alfred I. Earle was born in Haverhill, Mass. August 28, 1864 to Joseph M. and Susan Jane Earle.  He moved to Lawrence, Mass. And worked in a music store for30 years.  He was a pianist and also played other musical instruments.  He wrote military and religious music.  He died May 1938.  His published works include: The Canobian, 1903 and Waiting along the pasture bars, 1907.

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